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Cygwin and ZSH - Delete, Home and End keys

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15:09 | by AlexVie in Development
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Under certain configurations, the Home, End and Delete keys will insert arbitrary characters (in most cases, the tilde symbol) when using the popular ZSH under Cygwin. The issue is caused by a wrong or missing keyboard configuration and easy to fix by adding a few lines to the .zshrc.

# ctrl-left and ctrl-right
bindkey "\e[1;5D" backward-word
bindkey "\e[1;5C" forward-word

# ctrl-bs and ctrl-del
bindkey "\e[3;5~" kill-word
bindkey "\C-_"    backward-kill-word

# del, home and end
bindkey "\e[3~" delete-char
bindkey "\e[H"  beginning-of-line
bindkey "\e[F"  end-of-line

# alt-bs
bindkey "\e\d"  undo

The above section will add keyboard shortcuts for traversing through words as well as fix the Homeand End keys. It will also fix the backspace and delete key behavior by adding properly configured sequences for deleting the next and previous words.