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Rendering to a device context with AGG (AntiGrain)

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00:36 | by AlexVie in C++Development
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AGG is a cross-platform, high performance and high-quality 2d vector graphics library. It is written in C++ and comes as a collection of template classes with no dependencies except STL.

WTF is a Yoda condition?

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09:18 | by AlexVie in DevelopmentFun
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What is a “Yoda condition” and do I really need it? In short, it is a reverse notation of certain conditional statements in C/C++.

Visual Assist = Visual Studio on steroids

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21:57 | by Admin in Development
Reading time: approx. 7 minute(s)

Visual Assist is an add-on product for Microsoft Visual Studio that offers many features to enhance the code editor and improve the general user experience. It can be a real time saver, providing significant gains in productivity.

Eclipse CDT 7 - a preview

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04:40 | by Admin in Development
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Eclipse is usually known as one of the premier tools for Java developers, but Eclipse is more than just a Java IDE. It is a platform that can be used for many things and support for many other programming languages exists in form of plug-ins. The CDT (short for C/C++ Development Tools) converts Eclipse into a full featured C/C++ IDE.

Changes to the template system

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19:00 | by Admin
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This article describes the changes which have recently been made to the message log system in tabSRMM and which may be of interest for the users.

Skin editor

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21:24 | by Admin
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Today, I made the decision to outsource the skin editor for clist_nicer+ and make it an extra plugin.

Some new stuff for Clist Nicer+

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06:10 | by Admin
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I’ve done some work on clist_nicer+ the last few days to fix a few problems and enhance a few things.

New features for the chat part of tabSRMM

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06:06 | by Admin
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This is a short list of new features which I plan or already have added to the group chat window implementation. Most of them are IRC specific and might not be so useful for other group chats, but then.. they don’t hurt in any way.

Nightly #51 and tabSRMM

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06:44 | by Admin
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Unfortunately, the tabSRMM coming with that build has a few problems. It was mistakenly built from outdated sources older than 2 weeks and we are still investigating why it happend (either, my last CVS commit came too late or we have another CVS issue - it wouldn’t be the first one, CVS had quite a few problems lately).

Source code questions

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05:32 | by Admin
Reading time: approx. 1 minute(s)

Recently, I’ve got a few questions about tabSRMMs source code, why there are 2 different repositories and similar things