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Nightly #51 and tabSRMM

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Unfortunately, the tabSRMM coming with that build has a few problems. It was mistakenly built from outdated sources older than 2 weeks and we are still investigating why it happend (either, my last CVS commit came too late or we have another CVS issue - it wouldn’t be the first one, CVS had quite a few problems lately).

Source code questions

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Recently, I’ve got a few questions about tabSRMMs source code, why there are 2 different repositories and similar things

tabSRMM merge, part 2

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The progress is faster than I first expected it to be and many things are already working (it is basically already possible to use the merged plugin for all kind of chats within miranda) and a you can expect a first testing release within the next few days (maybe a week or so, max). This release will also contain a more or less finished version of the container skinning engine, including the ability to skin the window frame and title bar and a sample skin.

The merge, part 1

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A few days ago I posted the idea of creating a unified message window for all kind of chats - normal IM sessions and group chats like IRC channels. Now, a few days later, the first part is done and the resulting plugin is already working. Overall, I’am quite satisfied with the result - the UNICODE DLL is less than 500 K (dynamically linked) which is quite good, given the fact, that it also includes the almost complete skinning engine, including frame skinning.

Merging tabSRMM + chat.dll - an idea

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Now, with IRC + chat plugins being basically umaintained, I’m thinking again about an idea we had quite some time ago - to create the “ultimate” message window plugin which offers an unified user interface for all chat sessions in Miranda.

Clist_nicer+ currently unstable in CVS

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This is a small warning for all people who are using (or building) CVS builds of Miranda and/or components.

tabSRMM available

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I’am releasing a new “general” version of tabSRMM, that is, an extra release, basically for all people who don’t use nightlys.

Alpha Build

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Ghazan has released a new alpha build - #48 - with quite a lot of changes and fixes.

Using flash in Miranda

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This is not a really useful plugin. It is more like a small coding experiment which I created for testing various impacts of writing a MFC plugin for Miranda which can use ActiveX objects.

Sound Volume updated somewhat

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Recently, I discovered a new plugin for Miranda which made me want to revise a somewhat older and partially unmaintained plugin…