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Serving .NET Core apps on Linux with nginx and Kestrel

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23:00 | by Alex Vie in SiteDevelopment
Reading time: approx. 5 minute(s)

A small explanation how to configure the Kestrel .NET Core web server to use Unix domain sockets on Linux, when acting as a backend server behind Nginx.

Code taken from the default .NET Core MVC application template and only slightly modified.

uWSGI configuration example for a Django/Wagtail app

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17:00 | by Alex Vie in SiteDevelopment
Reading time: approx. 9 minute(s)

uWSGI is a widely accepted standard for deploying web applications in many different frameworks and languages, though it is particularly popular in the Python and to some lesser extent, the Ruby ecosystems.

This example shows a typical configuration for a Django web application in Python 3, using uWSGI in emperor mode.

Go cheat sheet and tips

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22:00 | by Alex Vie in SiteDevelopment
Reading time: approx. 1 minute(s)

A curated list of things I encountered when using the Go language. Most of this stuff is probably mentioned elsewhere, so this should be seen as some kind of personal reference. You may or may not find anything useful here.

This will be updated frequently or occasionally, depending on what I may find noteworthy.

Upgrading to Thunderbird 60

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17:00 | by Alex Vie in Site
Reading time: approx. 5 minute(s)

Thunderbird has been my e-mail client of choice for many years on various operating systems and has been doing well so far.

The next major version (60) is just lurking around the corner and will bring quite a number of new things, particularly under the hood.

The Foreigner's travel guide to Texas

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07:00 | by Alex Vie in Entertainment
Reading time: approx. 3 minute(s)
Texas Logo
Texas Logo

Some say, Texas is different from many other U.S. states. Maybe it is, maybe not, this is an old text that circulated the net long before memes came into existance and tries to teach you some of the rules you should not violate when visiting Texas.

Should not be taken entirely serious. I’ve been visiting Texas a couple of times and never got my ass kicked :)

FreeBSD Cheat Sheet

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03:02 | by Alex Vie in Development
Reading time: approx. 5 minute(s)
FreeBSD small daemon logo
FreeBSD small daemon logo

This is a personal collection of items I took note of for later reference, after I recently picked up FreeBSD again.

May not be useful at all for anyone except myself and is kept here for personal reference mainly.


Oscar Night

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06:02 | by Alex Vie in Entertainment
Reading time: approx. 2 minute(s)

Today, it’s Oscar Night. The 90th Academy Awards ceremony takes place in the honorable Dolby Theatre. Being a Cinenut ever since my dad took me to the local movie theatre for watching Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back when I was a young boy, this is a must watch for me.

I have seen most of the nominated movies and for the first time, I don’t really have clear favorites. Be it Dunkirk, The Shape Of Water, The Darkest Hour or Three Billboards… - they’re all exceptionally well made and the same is true for the other nominees. We’ll see how the Academy members decide…

music video

Diving into the D language

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17:51 | by Alex Vie in Development
Reading time: approx. 2 minute(s)

I’m currently in curious mode, trying out some new things. After learning the basics of Rust a couple of months ago, I’m now back to a language I had first contact with many years ago - D.

Lots of progress has apparently been made in recent years and D presents itself as a complete language with high productivity value. At least, that’s what D apologets claim.

Creating a simple tab control in Jekyll

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16:38 | by Alex Vie in Jekyll
Reading time: approx. 6 minute(s)
Jekyll Logo
Jekyll Logo

A include-able fragment to build a simple tab control in a Jekyll page. Simple and flexible, can be adopted easily to other static page generators.

This is HTML/CSS/Javascript only, and should work for any static site generator with an include feature similar to Jekyll’s.

jekyll css

Cygwin and ZSH - Delete, Home and End keys

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15:09 | by AlexVie in Development
Reading time: approx. 0 minute(s)

Under certain configurations, the Home, End and Delete keys will insert arbitrary characters (in most cases, the tilde symbol) when using the popular ZSH under Cygwin.

This is caused by a wrong or missing keyboard configuration and easy to fix by adding a few lines to the .zshrc.