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What we currently know about season 8

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Written by Alex Vie in GoTFun | Wed, 13. September 2017, 19:40
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GoT logo
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Game of Thrones Season 7 has seen its final just ab it over two weeks ago, but fans are already talking a lot about season 8.

The premiere of season 8 is still at least one year away, but a lot is already known about the final season that will bring everthing to an end.


No love for vegetarian food

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Written by AlexVie in Fun | Fri, 08. September 2017, 16:59
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Vegetarian food left over in a super market in Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

got season 7 recap

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Written by alex in GoTfun | Mon, 28. August 2017, 01:31
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game of thrones season 7 is already over and to me it seems it just started last week, but in reality, it’s been 6 weeks ago. the shortest season so far brought a major events at an alarming rate and some of these events were unfortunately too predictable. this might, however, just be a side effect of the main plot approaching the final conclusion.

got video

Watch your weight, there is always a reason :)

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Written by AlexVie in Fun | Tue, 17. May 2011, 04:53
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There is always a reason to watch your weight. This is a special one :)

WTF is a Yoda condition?

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Written by AlexVie in DevelopmentFun | Tue, 11. May 2010, 07:18
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What is a “Yoda condition” and do I really need it? In short, it is a reverse notation of certain conditional statements in C/C++.