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Serving .NET Core apps on Linux with nginx and Kestrel

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23:00 | by Alex Vie in SiteDevelopment
Reading time: approx. 5 minute(s)

A small explanation how to configure the Kestrel .NET Core web server to use Unix domain sockets on Linux, when acting as a backend server behind Nginx.

Code taken from the default .NET Core MVC application template and only slightly modified.

uWSGI configuration example for a Django/Wagtail app

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17:00 | by Alex Vie in SiteDevelopment
Reading time: approx. 9 minute(s)

uWSGI is a widely accepted standard for deploying web applications in many different frameworks and languages, though it is particularly popular in the Python and to some lesser extent, the Ruby ecosystems.

This example shows a typical configuration for a Django web application in Python 3, using uWSGI in emperor mode.

Go cheat sheet and tips

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22:00 | by Alex Vie in SiteDevelopment
Reading time: approx. 1 minute(s)

A curated list of things I encountered when using the Go language. Most of this stuff is probably mentioned elsewhere, so this should be seen as some kind of personal reference. You may or may not find anything useful here.

This will be updated frequently or occasionally, depending on what I may find noteworthy.

Upgrading to Thunderbird 60

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17:00 | by Alex Vie in Site
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Thunderbird has been my e-mail client of choice for many years on various operating systems and has been doing well so far.

The next major version (60) is just lurking around the corner and will bring quite a number of new things, particularly under the hood.

Jekyll personal FAQ

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22:45 | by AlexVie in JekyllSite
Reading time: approx. 6 minute(s)
Jekyll Logo
Jekyll Logo

This is a list of questions (and answers) I stumbled over while designing this site. It is by no means a complete list and will most likely cover topics that are already documented elsewhere. I found many answers on stackoverflow questions tagged with Jekyll and links are given when still available. As almost always with such matter, stackoverflow is the #1 resource for such questions.


Publishing on GitHub

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03:45 | by AlexVie in Site
Reading time: approx. 7 minute(s)

GitHub is not only the largest developer community on the net, they also offer lots of free services. Code repositories for free Open Source project are one thing, web hosting for simple static web sites another one. People might be curious whether such simple hosting without PHP, Java, Python or even a database really works.
It really depends on your needs, but I think, for the majority of simple blogs and/or personal homepages that are nowadays using Wordpress, it should work well.

Jekyll GitHub

Build a GitHub page locally with Jekyll

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10:02 | by AlexVie in JekyllSite
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Jekyll Logo
Jekyll Logo

How to build your site locally with your own Jekyll installation and deploy it on GitHub using different branches.

Jekyll GitHub