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A collection of links to popular and not so popular fan-made theories for the remaining plot of Game of Thrones.

The Night King

  • This theory claims to have found out the Night King’s true motivation and sees a grande finale at the God’s Eye near Harrenhal in the center of Westeros. The place where many thousand years ago, the Pact between the first men, who came as conquerors, and the indigenous people of Westeros, to use known as Children of the Forst, was signed.

    This ended a long war, during which the Night King was magically created from one of the first men.

  • This is my interpretation of a theory that has become popular stating that Bran and the Night King is the same person. It’s backed by quite some facts and hints.

General theories

  • Games Radar has some interesting fan-made theories on various topics.

  • Digital Spy has a theory about how Melisandre could get a spectacular return in the final season after she got very little screen time in the seventh. Consistent with her prophecy that she (and Varys) will both die in Westeros.

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