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Visualize the commit history of a project under version control

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14:10 | by AlexVie
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Every now and then, you stumble over something cool. This time it is a piece of software to visualize the history of source code repository.

GitHub video

Publishing on GitHub

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03:45 | by AlexVie in Site
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GitHub is not only the largest developer community on the net, they also offer lots of free services. Code repositories for free Open Source project are one thing, web hosting for simple static web sites another one. People might be curious whether such simple hosting without PHP, Java, Python or even a database really works.
It really depends on your needs, but I think, for the majority of simple blogs and/or personal homepages that are nowadays using Wordpress, it should work well.

Jekyll GitHub

Build a GitHub page locally with Jekyll

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10:02 | by AlexVie in JekyllSite
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Jekyll Logo
Jekyll Logo

How to build your site locally with your own Jekyll installation and deploy it on GitHub using different branches.

Jekyll GitHub