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Visualize the commit history of a project under version control

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14:10 | by AlexVie
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Every now and then, you stumble over something cool. This time it is a piece of software to visualize the history of source code repository.

GitHub video

Embedding YouTube videos in Jekyll

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19:41 | by Alex Vie in Jekyll
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Jekyll Logo
Jekyll Logo

A include-able fragment that allows to embed youtube videos by video ID. The video will be sized properly to the available width using CSS only. No Javascript or other dependencies needed.

This is HTML/CSS only, should work for any static site generator with an include feature similar to Jekyll’s.

jekyll css video

The Light of the Seven

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00:48 | by Alex Vie in EntertainmentGoT
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GoT Logo
GoT Logo

Game of Thrones fans will instantly recognize this song. It is from the famous intro scene of the sixth season’s final episode The winds of Winter. The song’s name is Light of the Seven and its composer is Ramin Djawadi.

It’s popular among youtubers as material to cover and has been covered even by large orchestras. The song received much praise, even outside the Game Of Thrones continuum.

music video got

GoT season 7 recap

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01:31 | by alex in GoTfun
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Sansa the sith lord :)
Sansa the sith lord :)

game of thrones season 7 is already over and to me it seems it just started last week, but in reality, it’s been 6 weeks ago. the shortest season so far brought a major events at an alarming rate and some of these events were unfortunately too predictable. this might, however, just be a side effect of the main plot approaching the final conclusion.

got video

Ritchie Blackmore tribute

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15:23 | by AlexVie in Entertainment
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Some lesser known stuff from Deep Purple. Not exactly a song either, but more a recorded Jam Session that took place while they were recording the Perfect Strangers album. An instrumental track with mostly Mr. Blackmore showing off.

video music