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This is a list of theories about the next and final season of Game of Thrones. While the premiere of season 8 lies at least one year (possibly more) in the future, there is already a lot of activity in the GoT community, even though we all have our personal *Jon Snow* in us, because we know nothing.

Theories are forged, discussing the fate of the remaining main cast and the possible outcome of the two major wars which have yet to be fought. Some of them are more believable and plausible than others, but most open up interesting perspectives on the show's final season.


This page and most likely also linked resources may container spoilers for fans of the TV show Game of Thrones. Do not click here if you do not want to be spoiled and have not seen the complete series until the end of season seven.

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Strange unwanted padding around images and how to fix

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Sometimes, images enclosed by divs or other block level elements show apparently strange and unwanted 2-3 pixels of padding on the bottom edge even though the containing element has no padding set at all.

YouTube embedding with correct aspect and any width

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This is a HowTo and deals with the problem of embedding YouTube videos at any desired size. The size of the video should be determined by the surrounding container. No fixed width and height values are needed.